Adam Silber
Founder & President

NY Real Estate License # 31SI0810223

Adam Silber

Adam believes the key to success is surrounding yourself with like-minded people, being fair to everyone around you, starting the workday before 8 a.m. and always working toward a win-win outcome for his clients.

Starting in 1987, after receiving his MBA from Hofstra University, driven by entrepreneurial determination and backed by his small savings, Adam canvassed the streets of Long Island in his dad’s very used car. Armed with his pad, pen and a portable fan to keep the driver’s seat from falling backwards, he began building relationships with shopping center and commercial property owners to establish a diverse portfolio. 

In addition, he successfully developed a trusted network of qualified buyers that understood Adam’s strategies in the difficult market of the late 1980s through early 1990s. 

Fast forward 30+ years and Adam and the Silber Investment Properties team have closed thousands of deals, including the sales of both Sunset Plaza in North Babylon for $63M and the Mt. Sinai Shopping Center for $29.75M.

Adam is married to his college sweetheart Debi, has four beautiful children and six dogs. In his spare time, Adam plays football, softball, golf and tennis. Philanthropically minded, he is passionate about contributing to the terminally ill in hospice, feeding the homeless in NYC and helping out at a local soup kitchen. 

His confidence, sense of calm and ease comes from a Wayne Dyer quote he lives by: “If you knew who walked beside you at all times on this path you have chosen, you could never experience fear or doubt again.” 

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