Erick Vaysman
Senior Sales Associate

NY Real Estate License #10401357340

Erick Vaysman

Areas of Expertise:

Silber Investment Properties is happy to have Erick Vaysman on the team. Vaysman joined SIP right after graduating from Binghamton University, choosing a different path than he had originally laid out for himself. 

While majoring in neuroscience, on a pre-med track, Vaysman’s father introduced him to the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” which he says changed his life. Reading the book ignited a fire in Vaysman, who began reading and researching everything he could find on real estate investing. He found himself more passionate about this career than he ever had felt about pursuing a medical degree. 

Vaysman specializes in retail properties, while keeping his sights on all aspects of the commercial real estate market, as his career and portfolio develop.

A Cut Above: 

Vaysman is energetic, passionate and hard-working. He always keeps his clients’ best interests as his highest priority, and works tirelessly to make sure they get the best deals possible. 

Get to Know Erick Vaysman:

When he’s not working on his next deal, Vaysman enjoys traveling, golf and watching his favorite sports teams compete, most notably the Nets, Yankees and Denver Broncos. A first generation American, Erick is bilingual and speaks both English and Russian fluently.

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